The other day, Mitch and I had a sit-down. During our sit-downs we usually discuss what’s working with our dd lifestyle and what isn’t. Then we plan and change accordingly.



In trouble again…

So today I was disciplined yet again (I can never seem to stay out of trouble), and I was spanked right in front of our friends! He even pulled my pants down to spank me.

Mitch has figured out that embarrassing spankings work the best for me. So unfortunately for me, he always makes it embarrassing. But this really topped the cake. I think my face was as red as my bum.

I nearly died of humiliation when he pulled out the chair right in the middle of the living room. So of course I refused when he told me to get over his lap. Well, he just picked me up and flipped me right over.

Partway through the spanking he asked our friends if I deserved it. They both said yes. I was furious, to be honest. But soon I was kicking and sobbing, and the only thing I wanted was for him to stop smacking my bum like a child.

After, he sent me to the corner to think about the spanking I’d just gotten. While I was in the corner, the three of them chatted and laughed as if I wasn’t there. Finally I was allowed to leave my corner.

I had to apologize to everyone, and then I was sent to bed early. So here I am, well spanked and very sorry. I will certainly watch my tongue when friends are over from now on!