New Years spankings

As you may know, Mitch is gone for the holidays. He’s getting back on New Years and although I really want to see him, I know that I’m going to be spanked. Quite naturally, I’ve had a hard time behaving while he’s been gone, and have several spankings coming. 4 to be exact. (more…)


Alone for the holidays…

Well, today Mitch left for the holidays and won’t be back until the new year. The last time we spent that much time apart, I got pretty irritable and just moody in general. It was shortly after that we agreed to start domestic discipline.

Everyone told us that it would be extremely difficult to start dd, but it went smoother than we expected. I had my doubts at first that he would fit the role of HoH, but he was raised in a traditional household, and slipped into the role with ease. (more…)