The other day, Mitch and I had a sit-down. During our sit-downs we usually discuss what’s working with our dd lifestyle and what isn’t. Then we plan and change accordingly.

During our discussion, we decided to alter a couple of things…

A while ago we bumped up my maintenance spankings to every day because I’d been getting a lot of disciplinary spankings. It definitely worked in lowering the amount of disciplinary spankings I received, let me tell you!

For now we’ve decided to do maintenance on a weekly basis again. It will likely be every Sunday, although that isn’t set in stone. We just don’t think daily maintenance is necessary right now.

In addition, we’ve added a couple more rules, and Mitch and I both agreed on him being a little bit stricter. I’m not entirely sure how that will play out, but I guess my backside will soon find out :S I’m guessing there is going to be more on-the-spot spankings.

That’s all I can think of that we’ve changed.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!



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