Last night Mitch found out about something I had done that was against the rules. We were watching tv at the time, and when he found out, he immediately told me to bend over for a spanking.
I hesitated a moment too long, and before I knew it, I was across his knee getting a spanking.
Mitch paused to pull my pants and panties down.
My bottom was quickly being reddened again as I squirmed on his knee.
The curtain was open, so if anyone were to be walking by, they’d be able to see Mitch spanking my bare bum. My face was burning with embarrassment at the thought of being seen by someone.
I begged Mitch to stop, but as usual he continued with the spanking until I was crying and apologizing.
I stayed over his knee for a while before I turned over and snuggled into him. I didn’t even bother pulling my pants back up.
Mitch sent me to the room to write a summary of why I’d gotten a spanking.
Afterwards, I went to bed with my bum still tender.



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