Spanked and sent to bed


I’d been doing pretty well for the past while with only maintenance spankings. But yesterday I disobeyed and was immediately sent to the bedroom.

red bum

I waited nervously for Mitch to come in and discipline me.

Mitch entered and shut the door behind him. “You were doing so good; you haven’t had a disciplinary spanking for quite a while. What happened?”

I shrugged and looked down, fiddling with a stray thread on my shorts.

Mitch sat down and took my hand. He told me to stand up in front of him. He chided me as he swiftly pulled my shorts down.
I stood red-faced with my shorts around my ankles.

Mitch guided me over his lap and rested his hand on my lower back. My legs dangled as he scolded me for disobeying.
He raised his hand and began sharply smacking my bottom over my panties.

I kicked my feet and squirmed, which only made him spank me harder.
He smacked my upper thighs every time I kicked.

He stopped briefly and I felt my panties being pulled down just past my bum. I whined in protest. He continued spanking me on my bare bottom.

My bottom was stinging and tears were trickling down my face.

Mitch paused again and suddenly he was spanking me with the wooden spoon.
I howled and squirmed.

Mitch pulled my panties down further and adjusted me on his lap. His hand pressed firmly on my lower back as he rapidly smacked my rear end.

I pleaded with him to stop, promising to be good. He ignored my pleas and kept on spanking me for another several minutes.
My bum was probably as red as a tomato by the time he stopped.

I lay over his lap, panties still down, for several minutes, as I cried and he gently rubbed my back.
I buried my face into the blanket, too embarrassed to look at him.

Mitch kissed the top of my head and scooped me up and lay me further up on the bed. I crawled under the covers and sniffled.
He gently tucked me in and told me that I was getting an early bedtime. I didn’t mind all that much though, because I quickly fell asleep, curled up in a ball.

I’m definitely hoping I can keep avoiding disciplinary spankings….



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