3, 4, and 5

When I got the third spanking I had earned, my butt was so sore that I couldn’t walk without wincing. I stayed in my room on my tummy until Mitch called me out to the living room.

I came out and stood in front of him, waiting for his instructions. He motioned for me to take my pants off. I slipped them off and looked shamefully at my feet. Mitch grabbed my arm, and in one swift motion, pulled me over his lap.

“You’re getting 4 minutes with my hand and 1 with the spoon, Courtney.” Mitch said as he hooked his thumbs in my panties and tugged them down.




I squealed as spanks rained down on my upturned bottom. Mitch smacked every part of my bottom, scolding me for being so naughty while he had been gone.

“How does it feel to be over my knee getting spanked because you were naughty?” Mitch asked. “I hope you’re embarrassed that you’re getting a spanking.”

I nodded and squirmed with embarrassment as I felt my butt heating up. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt to be spanked on an already sore bum.

The spanking brought tears quickly, just like the previous spankings of that day. Every time I closed my legs, Mitch would pry them apart and smack my thighs. I tried to keep them spread for him as he disciplined me.

When he got to the spoon, my face was wet with tears. Mitch slid his left arm under my hips and swatted my bum hard and fast with the wooden spoon.

I muffled my cries and kept my legs open. Mitch kindly told me it was almost done. I gripped the bed and tried to stay still.

The spanking stopped, and Mitch gently pulled my panties back up over my spanked bum. He pulled me onto his lap and let me hiccup and cry into his chest.

I fell asleep in his arms and didn’t wake until it was time for the fourth spanking. As usual, my bottom was bared and I was bent over like a little girl. My butt must have been red still.

Mitch started with the wooden spoon again. I was howling and kicking in no time. I begged him to stop spanking me, but I knew there was no point in asking.

The spanking was quick but hard. Afterwards Mitch told me that the fifth one could wait until the next day if I wanted. I nodded yes, but a little while later he asked me if I just wanted to get it over with. I considered it, and then decided that I would take the spanking then.

Mitch led me to the bedroom where he bared my bum and bent me over the bed. He lay the spoon in front of me and lectured me. He came down to my eye level and had me tell him that I was about to be spanked on my bare bum like a little girl for being such a bad girl while he was gone.

My cheeks flushed as he told me to think about why I was standing there with my panties around my ankles, about to be spanked by my boyfriend.

After a few minutes of being bent over, Mitch sat down and pulled me to him. Loud smacks filled the room and I instantly started to whine and cry. My bum hurt so much that I ended up squirming away from him, and onto the bed.

Mitch was very displeased and grabbed my legs. He lifted them and soundly smacked my thighs and butt with the wooden spoon. I squirmed but couldn’t get away.

Mitch spanked me well after I started crying. I wailed as he smacked me and held my legs up. He flipped me over again and held me down while he spanked me with his hand again.

I cried and sniffled for the remainder of the night, and was made to stay in my panties so my red bum wood spanks.


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