2 out of 5 spankings

I just finished getting my second spanking for my behaviour while Mitch was gone. I was not expecting it to hurt as much as it did.

I was laying on my tummy when Mitch came in with the spoon in his hand, and told me it was time for my second spanking. He slipped my bottoms off and tossed them aside. He told me to stay put, and raised the spoon.

Normally I get a hand spanking for a warm up, but this time he went right to the spoon. My butt was still red and sore from the spanking two hours earlier, and the wooden spoon stung like crazy.

Within 15 smacks, I was blubbering all over again. Mitch kept me still and scolded me for not taking it like a big girl. Mitch knows I get embarrassed when he says things like that, which only adds to the punishment.

Before I had been smacked 30 times, I was sobbing and apologizing profusely. My bum felt like it was being shredded by the wooden spoon. I got another 10 sharp smacks and then was told to get on all fours with my head down and bum up.

As I stayed in that position, Mitch scolded me for acting like a child. I shamefully stayed there with my stinging bottom up in the air, knowing he could see everything.

He instructed me to stay there for ten minutes, and when it was over, he hugged me and told me that everything was alright. I snuggled into him and rubbed my behind.

I’m almost due to receive my third now. I sure am regretting disobeying him while he was gone….



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