New Years spankings

As you may know, Mitch is gone for the holidays. He’s getting back on New Years and although I really want to see him, I know that I’m going to be spanked. Quite naturally, I’ve had a hard time behaving while he’s been gone, and have several spankings coming. 4 to be exact.

I only had 3, but I got snappy with Mitch about getting 3, and so now it’s 4. I’ve never had so many spankings in one day. The most I’ve had is 2. I can’t imagine how red my bum will be the day he gets back.

Deep down I know that I do still need to be spanked, but it’s so embarrassing. Especially because my boyfriend is the one who does it. All I’ve thought about today is the spankings I’ve earned while he’s been gone.

I did try really hard to be good, but I sometimes I just don’t think. So I’ll be getting spanked just in time for the new year. It’s not exactly the way I’d like to spend it, but he’s made it clear that I won’t be getting out of it…we’ll see how it goes…


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