Alone for the holidays…

Well, today Mitch left for the holidays and won’t be back until the new year. The last time we spent that much time apart, I got pretty irritable and just moody in general. It was shortly after that we agreed to start domestic discipline.

Everyone told us that it would be extremely difficult to start dd, but it went smoother than we expected. I had my doubts at first that he would fit the role of HoH, but he was raised in a traditional household, and slipped into the role with ease.

I had never respected men before Mitch and I started dd. Mostly, I think, because I’m very much an alpha female in my everyday life, but I want and need someone to be the alpha for me. The day Mitch told me that I was going to get spanked whether I liked it or not, I suddenly respected him.

Before starting dd, our relationship was good, but I basically called the shots. I also have a tendency to say rude things when I’m upset, and he would never stand up for himself. He always forgave me instantly, and then I would feel guilty.

In a way, I think I subconsciously pushed him to take the reins. I needed him to be a man. And he did. He suddenly transformed into a whole other person. He told me that we’d deal with it the next day, and that he was no longer going to allow me to behave that way.

The next day he spanked me for the first time, and although I was humiliated and still upset, I was relieved to give up the control. After, we both felt as if everything was okay again. I couldn’t respect him before because he didn’t respect himself.

The changes I’ve seen in Mitch are amazing. He’s confident and knows now what he’s worth. Everyday I love him more and more. He disciplines me fairly but sternly. I hate being spanked (that’s the point), but he only spanks me to correct behaviour.

I do, however, get a spanking every evening before bed, where we discuss things we want to change. We go over our rules and such, and the spanking serves as a reminder that I will be disciplined if I break those rules. My bedtime spankings are hard enough to deter me from misbehaving, but not hard enough to feel like a punishment.

Yesterday Mitch told me what he expected me to do every day while he was gone. I am to pull my pants and panties down, and get in our usual spanking position (facedown on the bed with my hips up and bum in the air). I am to stay in position for ten minutes while I think about the rules, and whether or not I have broken any that day.

I am to report to him every time I violate rules, and also keep a list of those violations. I will be disciplined once he gets back in the new year. I have a feeling that I’m going to have one very red and sore bottom the day he gets back….



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