Yesterday my parents came over to visit. Some touchy subjects were brought up, and tension was building up. I was getting increasingly frustrated with them and eventually I just got fed up and got kind of irate with them.

They left soon after, and as soon as they did, Mitch firmly told me to go to the room.

“I understand why you were frustrated Courtney but you need to realize that you could have dealt with it better.” Mitch chided me.

“I know.” I muttered, looking down at my feet.

“Stand up and pull your pants down.” Mitch ordered me.

I complied, thoroughly embarrassed. Mitch grabbed a hold of my underwear and pulled them down.

“You understand that you’re going to be spanked like a little girl right?” Mitch asked, looking me in the eye.

“Yes Sir.”

“Bend over.” Mitch instructed.

I sighed and bent over his lap, bared and exposed. Mitch spread my legs apart and rubbed my ass.

“You won’t like this Courtney.” Mitch said

Smack smack smack! Mitch’s hand came down hard on my butt.

“Owww Mitch!” I whined.

Mitch ignored me, continuing to smack my bottom.

Smack smack smack!

“You know better than to act like that. You know very well that you were being childish. And what happens when you act like a little girl Courtney?”

Smack smack smack!

“Oww…I get spanked like a little girl with my pants and panties down…” I said, wiggling slightly. My butt was starting to get sore and I’m sure it was pretty red too. Mitch held me in place as I kicked and squirmed.

Mitch stopped smacking my backside and told me to get on the bed and lay on my tummy with my ass in the air. As I sat there with my stinging bum in the air, he continued to lecture me. Then he grabbed the paddle and started paddling me.

I kicked my legs and screamed into the pillow, trying not to cry as the leather kept on hitting my already sore butt. When I started to squirm, Mitch held me in place (which isn’t hard because I’m tiny) and smacked my thighs.

Once I was crying and apologizing, Mitch switched from the paddle to the spoon. I cried even harder when I realized he had grabbed the wooden spoon.

“Nooooo……Mitch….I’m sorry!” I sobbed.

I felt the wood come in contact with my skin and cried even harder. It stung like crazy, and after about 30 swats, I had given up on squirming and held the pillow as tight as I could.

My butt was so sore I barely noticed when he had stopped. He stroked my hair and told me how proud he was of me, and how much he loved me. I cried for quite a while, and then we hugged and went to play video games.

My ass is still sore today from my spanking yesterday. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve learned my lesson.


Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.
Jacqueline Bisset


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