Spanked at dinner

I have to say that today was extremely embarrassing. I just want to hide in my room forever and never come out.

Let me explain. Today we invited a few close friends over for dinner. Everything was fine until right before dinner, when I made a few stupid comments that I shouldn’t have. Mitch had given me a warning look, but I still didn’t stop.

“Courtney.” Mitch cleared his throat and stood up. “May I have a word with you in private?”

I froze instantly at his tone. I silently followed him out of the kitchen. He led me into the bedroom and closed the door behind us.

Without a word, Mitch bent me over the bed and lifted up my skirt. We both knew exactly what was about to happen, and that it was well deserved. I knew arguing wouldn’t help, but tried anyway.

“Please…I’m sorry. Can we do this later?” I looked up at Mitch pleadingly. “Please not while they’re here.”

Mitch ignored me and pulled my panties down to my knees.

“Mitch stop, please. They’ll hear us.”

“And now they will know you get spanked like a little girl.”

I felt the familiar wooden spoon come down on my bare ass. I flinched and kept in position. He smacked my backside while scolding me for the comments I had made and for continuing even though I knew he wasn’t happy.

I squeezed my eyes shut with embarrassment as I thought about what our friends were thinking. Mitch, seemingly reading my mind, told me to focus on my punishment, and not on my friends.

The smacks got harder and louder. I started to squirm and gave my best effort not to make a sound.

“Courtney, this wouldn’t have happened if you had watched your mouth. You know better than that, and you know what to expect when you misbehave. It’s your own fault that your bum is in the air getting smacked for your behaviour. ”

His words stung almost as much as the wooden spoon. He was right after all. I immediately started to cry, regretting the way I’d acted.

“Just because we have people over doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. If you act like a little girl, I will still spank you; same as always. Is this what you want? To have your skirt up and panties around your knees? I don’t want to have to do this, but you know this is the only way.” Mitch scolded me as he progressively spanked faster.

By this time I was crying my eyes out, no longer thinking about being heard.

Mitch softened his tone. “I love you honey. You’re almost done.”

I struggled to stay in position, trying to please him, and knowing this was a well deserved spanking. A few more whacks with the wooden spoon, and then it was over.

He wrapped me up in his arms and relief flooded over me. He stroked my hair and talked softly to me as he held me.

Just then I remembered our friends in the kitchen. My cheeks flushed at the thought. There was no way they hadn’t heard. It was going to be humiliating going back out there. Only one person in the kitchen knew about Mitch spanking me. I sighed at the thought of the others knowing.

“Okay Courtney, let’s go get this straightened out with them.” Mitch said, helping me up.

I followed him out to the kitchen, eyes downcast. I felt my friends stares as we came out. Thankfully Mitch explained things for me.

Mitch told them that he had just given me a disciplinary spanking for the things I’d been saying. He explained what dd was and why we decided to start using dd.

To my surprise, the reaction was the same for everyone. They all agreed that our relationship seemed better than it did before, and one of our friends told him that there were lots of times he thought I had needed a good spanking.

My cheeks were flaming hot but I didn’t feel like they were judging me at all. Once the subject was dropped, everyone carried on as if nothing had happened.

I’m kind of glad that they understand, but it makes it even more embarrassing that they agree I need to be spanked too. It also worries me because now I know he’ll spank me even if we’re with people. I’m just so embarrassed that they heard me crying like a little girl with being spanked on my bare bum….


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