“Waiting for my spanking” continued

Well the spanking was the worst I’ve ever gotten so far. When Mitch came home we went to the store and got a big heavy wooden spoon to keep in the car. I was in big trouble and I knew it. We drove to a private spot and he pulled me over his lap and pulled my pants down almost immediately. I knew I deserved what was coming. He was most upset that I had been moody with him, although I was going to get spanked for several other things as well.

He was disappointed in me for having to be spanked for so many things. He told me “I love you very much but you have done more than one thing that you know very well you’ll get spanked for, and on top of that you were moody with me and pouting for no reason.”

“I know.” I said quietly. “I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“I hope not Courtney.” Mitch sighed. “But if you do what’s going to happen?”

I blushed. “I’ll get spanked.”

“Yes you will be bent over with your pants around your knees just like you are now. If you’re going to be childish you will be treated like a child. You will always be spanked when you disobey, you understand?”

I whimpered. “I understand.”

Mitch started to smack my bum and thighs with a steady rhythm. My bum was still tender from a spanking I received a day or so before, so it had already started hurting, although it was just the warm up. Mitch gently pulled my legs apart and smacked my inner thighs. It felt like the warm up spanking lasted for ages. By the time it was done I was nearly crying. Mitch then asked me if I was ready for the discipline spanking. I nodded reluctantly. He adjusted me on his lap and started spanking me. It didn’t take long for me to start crying.

“Please stop Mitch…” I begged over and over. My pleads had no effect on him.

“You’re not even close to done Courtney so I suggest you just accept it.” He kept smacking my cheeks and thighs and scolded me as he did. I cried and squirmed, getting angry with him. But he was as strict as ever. He held me in place and kept on going. Then he stopped and rubbed my bum.

“You know it’s time for the wooden spoon now right?” Mitch asked.

“Noooo.” I sniffled and buried my head in my arms.

“You wanted this. And you know what happens when you misbehave right? You go over my lap for a hard spanking.”

I sobbed and tried to get off his lap. Mitch grabbed my hips and positioned me with my bum in the air, and face down on the seat. I heard him grab the wooden spoon and smack smack smackk he brought the wooden spoon down on me with no warning. I muffled my cries and tried to squirm off his lap but he held me firmly and smacked the back of my legs at least ten times.

By this time I was bawling like a little girl, pants around my ankles, and my bum propped up in the air, exposing all of me. The smacks stung like crazy. I sobbed and pled with him to stop, saying how sorry I was. He gave me about 20 really sharp and quick smacks to the thighs and then stopped.

“It’s over now sweetheart.” He said, gently scooping me up into his arms. I clung to him tightly and sobbed into his chest. I apologized repeatedly to him through my tears.

“It’s all over now my love. I forgive you, and I’m so incredibly proud of you.” He held me and rubbed my back for a good 20 minutes until I settled down.

“Thank you Mitch.” I whispered.

“I do it for you.” He replied. “I know how much you need it.”

I nodded thankfully. It helped me more than he could ever know.


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