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Interested in the dd lifestyle? I am sharing my personal experiences with domestic discipline in this blog through stories and progress updates. I am TiH (Taken in Hand), and Mitch is HoH (Head of Household). If you are unfamiliar with these terms, it basically means that Mitch is responsible for disciplining me when he sees that it’s needed. Some couples use a variety of punishments, such as grounding, lines, and early bedtimes. However, Mitch and I primarily use spanking for discipline. For us, domestic discipline has greatly improved certain aspects of our relationship, such as communication, respect, and accountability.

Every couple has a different take on domestic discipline, and every couple will carry it out differently. For us, domestic discipline came into play when I started snapping on Mitch for silly reasons, and saying things I didn’t mean. DD has done wonders for our relationship. Instead of having long, drawn out fights about these things, Mitch will simply tell me that I’m going to get a spanking. He will send me to the room to let me think about it for a while and then we will talk about what happened, and why I’m about to be disciplined. And then of course he spanks me.

Mitch doesn’t spank me for the sole purpose of hurting me; he spanks me so that I realize there are consequences for my actions. That being said, he still does spank me pretty hard to get the message across. For disciplinary spankings, I always get a warm up spanking, usually given with his hand, a regular spanking which is also with his hand, and finally a spanking with an implement, such as a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, or a paddle. Afterwards he holds me until I’m calm again. Once I’ve gotten spanked, all is forgiven. We continue on with our day as if nothing had happened.

That is…until I do something he feels I need a spanking for 😉



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